October 20, 2003


I'd like to be a professional driver on a closed course.
Left on his own, the doorknob decided his best of course of action was to sit and wait for the others to return.
I sat in the chair and stared at the corner but I was a child so it was an adventure.
Snobs are to fonies as air is to breathing.
Staring at a computer screen is a proven contributing factor to chronic depression and stupidity.
I am often offended by other people's bad body odor and I wonder if I'm inventing the smells to keep people away or if they really do stink because other people don't seem to notice it. Maybe they are just nicer.
If nobody else understands you but you know you make sense, then who is wrong? You or everybody else. What do you do about it? Do you have to twist your mind to fit the mold or do you educate people about your unique point of view?

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