October 10, 2003

On a more chipper note.....

Some of you may have noticed the more chipper tone of my little web journal lately.

There are several reasons for that.

First, after over a year of working crappy part-time jobs, I finally found a job that will actually look impressive on my resume. Yes. It is marketing. And no. It is not the humane direction I wanted my career to take vis a vis teaching, but teaching was a jungle of illogical inconsistencies and hypocries on which I could not firmly plant my feet. I won't go into detail here but I am avaiable for comment in person.

Secondly, after 10 years of pining for my ex-boyfriend who most would agree was not worth the 10 years of pining, I have shed him like a snake sheds his skin and grown up into believing that I deserve to be more than part of some guy's harem. You know the type. They string along several woman who they know would do anything for them so in later years they will have thier choice of whom will spend the rest of her life with them.

Thirdly, I have discarded the friends who over the years have brought me down, used me and treated me like garbage. I can not emphasize strongly enough that as much beauty as you might see in people that suffer for a living and need to make you suffer with them, there is no happy ending to friendships with vampires.

Fourthly, I have been making lots of new friends, carefully choosing smart, bright, sensitive and caring people who are positive and life affirming and interested in life.

Fifthly, well, that's a secret. Eventually, I'll tell you all about it. But for right now, the fifth item on my checklist for happiness is mine for now and mine alone and not even the most charming, terrorist couldn't beat it out of me.

I have lost my urge to focus on the negative. Unfortunately, that is when I feel I am at my funniest and do my best ranting.....so, my gen x rantings are going to appear more as gen x observations until maybe the next entry when I complain about that idiotic woman in the subway who still sat so close to me in spite of the fact that there was a completely empty row next to her for 8 stops. She even stayed after I "accidentally" elbowed her a few times.

Why did she bother me so much you might ask? Well, she was listening to music through a bad headset and I find second hand music bad for my health and general well being and she didn't move. I was annoyed that she couldn't read my mind and see my need for space. She couldn't see that I am a recovering misanthrope.

That's all for now.

Over and out.

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