September 09, 2006


Friday, Jon and I rode our bikes all the way to Flushing Meadow Corona Park. We weren't in the part of the park with the big unisphere. We were on the promenade which wraps around Flushing Bay. We rode our new route past the park, up 20th Avenue and across the Grand Central Parkway.
Flushing Corona Park Sign

After crossing the Grand Central Parkway, we rode east on 23rd Avenue. The last time we went this way, I had to turn back around 91st Street or so because the hill was too challenging. This time I made it up the hill (YAY!) and coasted down after cresting the mighty peak as a reward. 23rd Street turned into Ditmars and it was on Ditmars that Jon showed me this entrance to the overpass which brings you to the promenade.
To the Park

From the overpass you get a good view of LaGuardia airport. A good view isn't necessarily a nice picture, however, and I refrained from taking a boring shot of the Delta terminal.

No fashionable New York landmark would be caught dead without a marker. The Flushing Bay Promenade is no exception.
Flushing Bay Promenade Sign

All along the promenade, you can find alphabet tiles that provide an animal and plant for each animal. I photographed J and V for Jon and me. Notice Jon got the cool predatory jaguar while I got the vile, carrion-eating scavenger also known as the vulture.
J is for JaguarV is for Vulture

There's a marina in Flushing Bay. And if you can overlook the ever present garbage, the boats make for a beautiful scene.
Flushing Bay
Flushing Bay 2

In the end we rode almost 15 miles there and back.

It felt good.

On our next ride, we're going to follow Ditmars directly to Corona Park. Pictures to follow.

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