September 20, 2006

The Beach

Yesterday, Jon and I went to the beach with his mom. It was nice but very hot. Jon's mom went into the water first. Then I followed and retreated back to our camp because of the dendrite like seaweed. Jon wanted to go in the water so he left our camp and joined his mom. Not wanting to be left out I went back into the Gulf of Mexico.

The water was warm, very warm - warmer than it ever gets up in the north east.

But I kept feeling that nasty seaweed wrapping itself around my leg. Completely grossed out, I retreated back to the blanket. The sun was too much for me, so after a short while, I went back to the condo to float in the pool on an inflatable raft.

Today, Jon and I are going back up to Atlanta for a couple of days and then back home.

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