September 08, 2006

Fame Really Does Become Him

I'm back at the Bernard B. Jacobs (formerly the Royale) Theater this week to work their new show. As you may or may not recall, the last show that I worked there was the disastrously painful Three Days of Rain starring Broadway neophyte Julia Roberts. Well. That's finished now and the Jacobs has a show that will hopefully keep the ushers and other house staff employed for a long time.

Fame Becomes Me is Martin Short's "one man" show. One man is in quotes because he has a supporting cast of 5 to help tell his "life" story. Life is in quotes because a lot of what he shares with the audience, as he tells in the first act, is a bunch of lies. No matter because the lies make a really, really good show.

One of his supporting cast is Mary Birdsong who you may know from Reno 911. She is freaking hilarious and does a spot on Jodi Foster impersonation during the course of the show. She is one of those Broadway talents that's just dripping with. . . well. . . talent. She sings, dances, has perfect comedic timing and on top of everything else is really pretty.

It's a clever show that uses Martin Short's "life" story as an opportunity to make fun of the entertainment industry.

The first parody is a scene from "The Man in the Moon" which allegedly stars Martin Short's father, Shim O'Short, in a Canadian version of The Wizard of Oz. Mary Birdsong, does a spot on impersonation of Judy Garland playing a young farmer's daughter who is looking for the salesman that got away. Martin Short as Shim O'Short plays the fence who is hoping the Man in the Moon can help him make up his mind. He is dressed like a picket fence. When he sings, he is definitely singing in the style of Ray Bolger - like one of those old time crooners. You have to see it. It's very funny. Everybody was roaring with laughter.

The following scenes are equally smart and equally funny.

And Martin Short really sells it. He's funny, funny, funny, energetic and funny.

Go see this one. There are a lot of good surprises.

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