September 26, 2006

Lambert's Cafe

Jon and I are back now and I've slowly been going over the photos from our Alabama Adventure.
On the Monday of our trip, my in-laws, Jon and I drove down to Gulf Shores in separate cars.

It was a beautiful drive but we saw clouds gathering more the further south we went. By the time we got to Lenox the skies opened up and rain started falling in sheets. Visibility was limited to 20 feet at the most and we drove at a reduced speed for quite a while.

Before our final destination, my father-in-law wanted to stop at Lambert's Cafe for dinner.

(I know I wrote about this before but bear with me because that was just a thought before and now I'm writing something more elaborate.)

Jon's father told us that Lambert's Cafe in Foley is the home of the throwed roll. And that's where we stopped for dinner. Here is the mural painted on the side of their restaurant.

It's quite elaborate. If you look closely you'll see the kitchen vents have been incorporated into painting. One of the vents is painted to look like a flying roll.

Even with this painted portrayal of people throwing rolls, Jon and I still didn't fully understand what Lambert's meant by throwed rolls. We both understood it to mean that somehow the rolls were thrown as part of the baking process.

A few minutes after our arrival we finally understood what was meant. I was sitting across from Jon's dad, looking at him in a quiet moment at the table, when all of a sudden his hand reached up and caught a roll that had been thrown to him from 40 feet away. Very impressive and very delicious - the most delicious roll I had down south.

The restaurant offered what I figured to be typical southern fair - fried chicken, fried okra, chicken fried steak, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes. They also provide "pass arounds" in addition to your order. The "pass arounds" are limitless. They'll give you as much as you want. But how much fried okra can one eat? If I were Homer Simpson we probably would have been there for 6 hours or more taking advantage of the free extras but I'm not and we didn't. We all ate our modest portions, what we could of our free extras and continued down 59 to our final destination.

If you do find yourself in Foley, AL be sure to go to Lambert's Cafe. It's fun.

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