September 05, 2006

Death by Sting Ray

Last night, Jon and I were listening to late night radio when it came over the wire that Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter, died. The story reported was that a stingray stabbed him in the heart with its barb. I read an account today that before losing consciousness he pulled the barb out of his chest. He died shorly thereafter. He was shooting footage for a special in Queensland. The incident and his death are on tape.

At the time of the news report, his wife hadn't yet been informed because she was on a mountain climbing expedition, only where I'm not sure. But she must know of his death by now and I do not envy her her sadness. She's probably devastated.

He was only 44 years old. That's not too much older than Jon and me.

I was never really a fan of his but I always liked him in interviews and in snippets of his programs that I've seen. It is always sad when someone dies before their time. He was a nice man, interested in animals and conservation, with a lively personality and a young family.

I'm sure he'll be missed.

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