June 14, 2006


Jon and I spent two fun filled days in Wildwood, NJ.

What a fun place that was.

We stayed at the Starlux Hotel which is all done up in a 50's kitsch doo-wop theme. Our room was behind the big neon U in the sign seen below.

Every room was stocked with a lava lamp and cool 50's decor.
Lava Lamp

We were in our room for about a minute before we went to the famous Wildwood boardwalk.
Boardwalk shot

We had lunch at the Doo Wop diner which was decorated in everything you could imagine from the 50's.
Doo Wop Diner 2

We played tons of skee ball earning several incredibly cheesy prizes. Here is Jon playing AlleyHoops a variation of skee ball.
Alley Hoops

We went to Morey's Piers where we went on several rides, played several games and ate lots and lots and lots of junky food.
Morey's Piers Sign

The rides are beautiful and fun.

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