June 07, 2006

Meanwhile Back at the Belasco

So. I'm back at the Belasco for another thrilling and demanding week of Awake and Sing.

Tonight was the busiest I've ever been on a Tuesday night. I handed out over 60 headsets. In the week since I've been there, I think the audience has aged 20 years and the number of people over 60 has increased 4 fold. I can only imagine that tomorrow's matinee will be an utter nightmare. My company decided that a second person in the balcony isn't necessary anymore so I'll be working the matinee alone.

The Belasco is one of very few theaters that hasn't undergone complete renovations. They still have a separate entrance for the balcony which harkens back to the days of segregation which is why a second person works there handing out headsets to the balcony crowd on matinee days. A patron seated in the balcony can not easily get into the main section of the theater.

But the powers that be have decided that person isn't necessary anymore. It's a bad decision.

This evening I had my first famous customer - TV, Stage and Film actor Fritz Weaver.I didn't make a fuss but I'm guessing the guy didn't even think I recognized him. If I'd seen only his name I wouldn't have known who he was. But that face is very recognizable. He is a frequent guest on Law & Order and he was one of the suited men that comprised the secret conspiratorial body from the X-Files. He's had an incredibly long career as a supporting actor, voice over artist and narrator.

The truth is I was too busy to make a fuss and I wanted to because he probably would have appreciated it. People were lined up waiting for the use of my free headsets.

After the show I got locked in the vestibule. Don't ask. Just know that I was stuck in that little vestibule where you can purchase tickets and enter the theater. While I was waiting for security to let me out, I watched James Franco having a conversation with friends and then eventually Lauren Ambrose. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have taken a picture but I didn't. All I could think about was getting out of that cage. He looks exactly the same in person as he does on screen as do most celebrities.

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