June 03, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Did anyone else have trouble getting in and around the city last night? Due to heavy rains, Queens Plaza was rendered useless. I left the house around 6:20 to make it for my 7:00 call at the theater.

I arrived at 7:40.

What did I do in that hour and 20 minutes?

I went to my station and found out the N wasn't running. Then I walked briskly to another station to catch an R train where I learned that nothing was running into the Queens Plaza. Then I got a call from my boss who told me there was a train running from Queens into the city. So I walk/jogged to a different station to see if it was the N that was running. Then I got another call from my boss saying that the 7 train was running. He offerered to pay for a taxi to get me to the nearest 7 train. Then I called him and told him I couldn't find a car. Then I started the long walk to the nearest 7 train when he told me he would get my headsets ready for me and handle the walk-in at the Walter Kerr. Then while I was walking through the rain, getting soaking wet, miraculously the N train started running again.

I was hot and soaked from rain and sweat when I finally arrived at the theater. My boss was grateful and relieved to see me.

As of last night, the R train was still not running properly. But mercifully the N was back on track and hopefully will be today and forever.

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