June 06, 2006

The Last Exit

Last ExitLast night, Jon and I played bar trivia at The Last Exit in Brooklyn. We were joined by our friends Jonathan and Neil. This is a very competitive pub quiz where you pay to enter and win a large cash prize if you win first place.

We played an impressive game but finished second in the end after answering a third tie-breaking question incorrectly.

I was a little sore. The third tie-breaker question asked how many friends are listed at the Last Exit page in My Space. I didn't even understand the question when it was first asked. We guessed 53 while the other team guessed 83. The correct answer was 91. We walked away with $64 which came to $16 for each member of the team.

Neptune's Six PackNeil had to leave us but Jon and I went with Jonathan to Neptune Diner on Astoria Blvd. It's been a while since I've eaten there and since then they've updated their menus. On the cover, an extremely hunky Neptune and his trident stand on a rock while water flows through his beard and shmata. I don't recall ever reading any mythological descriptions of Neptune as a beau hunk. But it was a good for a laugh.

Look at how his muscles bulge every where. Judging from how pumped up his bicep is, that trident must weight about 200 pounds.

It's a good diner.

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