June 15, 2006

Cape May

On Monday, because it was raining cats and dogs, Jon and I drove to Cape May - a charming neighboring town to Wildwood.

Emlyn Physick House 3Cape May is known for its Victorian houses and beautiful beaches. Because the day started out rainy there wasn't a whole lot we could really do. So we decided to visit the Emlen Physick House - a Victorian that's been converted to a museum.

At the age of 21, Emlen Physick inherited a fortune and retired even though he had just earned a medical degree. His father, a wealthy merchant who wanted Emlen to become a doctor like his own father, died when Emlen was four. He was raised by his mother and a spinster aunt. He never married. The tour guide who took us through the house, at some point, directed our attention to a photograph of Emlen with a hunting buddy. I asked him, "By hunting buddy, do you mean boyfriend?" He said, "Probably, but I'm not allowed to say."

The house was unusual in its design because it was built with a heating system which operated through vents in fire places and a personal bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

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