June 27, 2006

Greetings From Paris - Part Deux

It's Tuesday. We are leaving France tomorrow.

Since my last transmission, I have been to the north east of France and back to Paris.

My cousin's wedding was held in a celebration hall which was partially surrounded by a field of wheat. We have seen a lot of fields of wheat because the government sanctions a percentage of every farmer's crop be dedicated to the growing of wheat particularly in certain areas.

Just so you know, France is the leading producer of rapeseed oil. I have seen field upon field upon field of rapeseed.

I can also identify les petite-fois, potatoes, corn, radishes, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and several different types of trees, including apple, mirabelle, pear and one mysterious Sequoia growing in the middle of Vic-Sur-Seille which is the birthplace of the famous painter George de la Tour. (My cousin owns a house there with an amazingly pastoral view of hills and white cows grazing in the distance.) No one knows who planted it but the mayor has granted that the tree never be chopped down.

You might be amazed to know that France is just dripping with history.

I'll write more about that later.

Today, Jon and I are back in Paris to visit the famous Sacre-Couer in the Montmartre district. We are staying in a hotel in Pigalle where the rooms don't have numbers but names of famously historical people that frequented the area. Our room is named for Frederique Chopin which is perfect because after Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach, he is my favorite composer.

I have charming stories to tell and photographs to accompany them.

My blog henceforth will be dedicated to writing about our trip to France.


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