June 29, 2006

Chartres Cathedral

ChartresOur first day out in France was spent in the village of Chartres famous for its very old and wonderful cathedral. Construction was started in the late 12th century and ended - well - at a later date.

The cathedral is famous for it's architecture, sculptures and beautiful, original stained glass windows.

We were awed by much of the sculpture on the outside. Jon took these shots.


I have a personal fondness for religious statues and took these shots inside.
ChartresChartresChartres Chartres

And of course there's the stained glass. I really like the old, old stuff like this.

And then there is the newer stained glass as seen behind this statue.

Every great cathedral has a great relic and Our Lady of Chartres is no exception. They have a piece of the dress that Mary wore when she gave birth to Jesus. This relic is still with the cathedral even after years of fires, wars, theft, and vandalism.
A Piece of Mary's Birthing Dress

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