June 29, 2006

Meanwhile . . .

We're back from our great visit.

I know this is kind of a good problem that other people might wish they had so forgive me for whining.

We had a problem yesterday at Charles DuGaulle airport in Paris. We flew Aerlingus so we had to fly into Dublin for our flight to New York. We scheduled it perfectly with not too much down time between flights.

At some point while we were waiting in the gate to board our flight we heard a very soft announcement that our flight was delayed. The announcment wasn't repeated so I went to a counter to ask someone what was going on. There was no Aerlingus counter and all the people working behind the desks kept telling me to go another desk.

Finally, about an hour into waiting for our flight, we found someone who could help us. She told us in half french and half english that we should contact somebody at the Aerlingus counter and they would help us out.

So basically she didn't tell us anything.

When we finally arrived in Dublin, Aer Lingus ground crew were waiting for us. They ran us through the terminal to our flight which they held for the 6 New York passengers stuck on the delayed flight.

So we made it. We made our flight. If only we had known in Paris what was going to happen in Dublin, it would have made our waiting so much easier.

One glitch. We left before our luggage because they didn't want to delay our flight any longer and we were told that our luggage would get here today.

Well. It's not here yet, but it did make getting out of the airport last night so much easier.

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