June 16, 2006

Did I Mention the Dolphins?

After two days of cleaning windows, walls, dishes and floors it's hard to believe that only four days ago, Jon and I were standing on a Cape May beach watching dolphins.

When were through touring the Physick house, we decided to see the Cape May lighthouse, not realizing it was part of a little park with a wetland nature center and incredible beach.
Cape May Beach 2Cape May Beach Val
Standing on the beach, near the water, in the rain, taking pictures, we started notice black bumps jumping in the water. It took a few minutes for us to realize they were dolphins. We thought it a fluke but then it turns out that at this beach dolphins feed about three times a day and we were there for lunch. There were swarms of them. We watched them for a really long time.

(Talk about romantic - standing in the rain on a beach watching dolphins. Not too shabby.)

Jon was able to snap off this shot. All I kept getting was water.
Cape May Beach 3
They were pretty cool. It was the first time watching dolphins for both of us.

The wetlands were pretty amazing also.
Cape May Wetlands
Cape May Wetlands 4
Cape May Wetlands 3
Cape May Wetlands 2

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