June 06, 2006

Saturday in the Theater

This past Saturday matinee I met and shook hands with Edward James Olmos. This is the first time I can remember since I started doing this job, that I registered recognition of a star to the star himself.

My booth was set up next to the bar. I spotted Mr. Olmos while I was handing out my headsets. At some point, he made eye contact with me and I exlaimed "WOW". He looked down and smiled and I said. "Normally, I don't make a fuss, but I think you're great." He said thank you, shook my hand, and walked away to get some cash for a candy purchase at the bar. When he came back, the bartender asked him for an autograph and in Spanish he asked her if I wanted an autograph too.

So. I got one too.

The only reason I spoke with him was that he smiled at me when he saw that I recognize him. He opened himself up to me and acted in a friendly way that invited conversation.

Most stars don't really do that which is why I probably never feel comfortable going up to them.

In direct contrast, Jay Mohr came to the theater Saturday night. He did not put out the vibe that he wanted to be recognized. He didn't hide but he didn't really invite recognition or conversation. This isn't a bad thing. You don't want to bother people when they are relaxing. Going to the theater is relaxing.

You may be saying that if stars don't want to be recognized then they shouldn't become stars. Well, I don't agree. If a star wants to be recognized they will telegraph that feeling to people around them.

Respect celebrities when you see them and only talk to them if they are acting like they want you to.

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