April 27, 2006

The Rapping Granny

With a limited engagement of a hot play with a star as huge as Julia Roberts, there are bound to be a few celebrities in the audience. At the matinee performance, I missed seeing Tracy Ullman as she got a drink at the bar, just four feet away from me, because I was helping customers.

As I was getting my headsets ready for the evening performance, Julia Roberts walked right past me while my back was turned. I didn't know until I turned around and she'd already passed me. I saw her back. So, I can only tell you that from the back she looks like pretty much every body else, except that she was wearing a really nice spring coat.

In the audience, as people were getting into their seats before the show, I spotted Ellen Albertini Dow who much to my delight has her own website. You know her. She's the character actor who is always playing a part where she is doing something out of character for an old lady like her role as the Rapping Granny in the Wedding Singer.

I'm sure there will be others. I'll keep you posted.

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