April 26, 2006

Le Stat, The Musical

Last night, on my way to the theatre, I walked by a big to-do in front of Le Stat, The Musical. There were mobs of people, boom mikes and photographers with huge cameras set up on tri-pods watching what looked like some kind of red carpet spectacular.

LeStat to do

Actually it was the opening of the show. And it didn't get very good reviews. Not surprisingly. Most shows crash and burn within two months of opening. I remember seeing AIDA in the same theater and that was absolutely wonderful - moved me to tears. Perhaps Elton John was trying to make lightening strike the same spot twice. Of course, critics absolutely can not be trusted. If I actually get to work on this show I'll let you know how it is.

But until then save your money. Do not spend $100 or more on a show unless someone you trust and whose taste you agree with recommends that you see it.

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