April 08, 2006

Jury Duty

Yesterday was my first day of jury duty and I was picked as a juror for a civil suit.

I waited only two hours before my name was called to be on a panel and within 45 minutes I was on a jury. Because it is a civil suit there are only six of of us with two alternates.

The plaintiff's attorney questioned us for about 5 minutes to make sure we didn't provide any conflicts for his arguments while the defense attorney took 40 minutes. The defense attorney couldn't stop blathering. Throughout his questioning, he kept telegraphing his case leaving no room for wondering what his arguments might be in the courtroom.

Either way, I was out of their by 3:30pm and set out from Sutphin Blvd by the Jamaica courthouse in Queens and arrived on Steinway St in Astoria 1 hour later.

Traveling in Queens on public transportation takes a very long time.

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