April 13, 2006

Plucky Bucky Goes Home

Bucky Covington was finally eliminated from American Idol (A.I.). But not before we had to listen to him sing his song out of tune one more time.

That's a strange thing they do on A.I. When a contestant is told that they are going home, they are handed a microphone and asked to sing in spite of their tears or obvious disappointment - at which point I always change the channel. Why would I want to hear someone sing the song that got them eliminated? Why would anyone think that's enjoyable?

Perhaps I'm not the only one doing this because I think the producers got wise to this. Instead of having the loser sing his final goodbye to wrap up the show in a neat a little bow, they had the bottom three sing their song as their names were being announced.

When Elliot sang I sat and listened because he was so good last night that there was no way he was going home. He was the exception.

When Ace sang, I started some turkey bacon cooking in my favorite new pan.

When Bucky sang, I fixed myself a plate and then ate said turkey bacon.

I don't have anything bad to say about Bucky. He seemed like a nice young guy who sang real well through his auditions. But it seems he left his talent behind at the auditions. Because during these last few weeks he has been consistently giving poor vocal performances.

Maybe they'll bring back Mandisa. Now she could sing even if she was politically incorrect.

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