April 07, 2006


Chiropractor James C. Burda of Athens, Ohio claims he can realign your bones with the power of his mind. He calls this form of telepathic healing Bahlaqeem - a word he made up after he discovered his "ability" after healing a pain in his foot by simply wishing it felt better.

Specifically, Burda claims that he conducts his healings by travelling back through time to when his patients' injuries occurred.

You can read about his "amazing technique" on his website http://www.bahlaqeem.com and learn how he can align your body by phone or by email.

The Ohio State Chiropractic Board wants to stop him from practicing due to mental illness, claiming he suffers from delusions of grandeur.

That an official board of chiropractors wants to stop one of their own from practicing "medicine" says a lot about how insane this guy must really be. If you've ever been to chiropractors, you understand that there are some that actually help you through using a more sophisticated form of massage. There also those that use power of suggestion by exploiting the vulnerability and gullability of their desperate patients.

I've been to both kinds and find the latter despicable and amazed that the Ohio State Chiropractic Board is only stopping one from practicing a questionable form of healing.

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