April 06, 2006


I'm fair skinned so it's important that I get my skin checked regularly for early signs of skin cancer but without insurance it's been hard to get that done. Now that I have insurance I'm taking better care of myself and seeing all the doctors I've been putting off for years. Yesterday, I finally had my appointment with the dermatologist.

He checked my moles and my freckles and gave me a good report.

One of his comments made my right eyebrow arch like Spock's. He said, "You have a surprising small amount of moles for all the sun damage you have on your face." He didn't elaborate and I was so embarrassed by his examination of my mostly naked body that I forgot to ask him to elaborate. If he meant freckles then I understand what sun damage is but if he didn't then I don't know what he's talking about. I thought my skin looked pretty decent for someone who is almost 40 years old - slight crow's feet, the start of some laugh lines; nothing too serious.

What did he mean by that? Does anyone know?

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