April 04, 2006

Great Adventure - People

After the safari, we went to the park.

Here's Jon looking at a map with our friends Dave and Alicia in the background looking at the same map. We went out separate ways but joined up later in the day to play some carnival games.
Jon Map

The first attraction we saw was this great fountain with living sculpture. Just before I snapped this shot, the actor lurched forward like she was going to grab the two people walking by her scaring them. But then she moved right back into this position and when we left the park 5 hours later, she was still standing there.
Living Statue

It wasn't long before we ran into a couple of characters, literally. Sarah posed with "Tarnation" Sam and I posed with Marvin the Martian's dog.
Sarah and Tarnation Sam
Val and the Martian's Dog

Just after this I spotted the candy coated carousel. This section of the park was amazing as it looked like the buttercream on a 3-year-old's birthday cake. Jon, Sarah, Caren and I all went on the carousel. It's a life rule of mine that if you see a carousel you have to go on it. It's a good rule because a carousel is one of those places where everybody feels happy.
Jon CarouselSarah Carousel
Caren Carousel
Val Carousel

Tea cups were next on the list because they were right next door. I haven't been on a Teacup ride since I was 10 years old. I had so much fun on the ride I didn't take any photos but here's one of the sign. I find it amusing that the tea spilling out of the cup in the sign looks a little bit like vomit. If you spin your cup too fast you could throwup.

After Tea Cups we went into the arcade and played Skee ball. We combined our winning tickets and bought two mood rings; a magic ORB which makes prediction in an amazingly similar manner to the Magic 8 Ball; a yoyo that lights up; and a super bouncy ball.

We then walked into the red, white and blue section of the park. It was here that I realize that each section of the Great Adventure park has its own color theme. This oom pah pah band greeted us in their American Flag vests.
Ump pah pah

This section of the park features the Superman ride, the Great American Scream machine and the Parachute ride. Of the three, we all agreed that the Parachute ride was the least scary. You can see the Great American Scream Machine in the background. That ride looked scary. As it turned out the Parachute ride was thrilling. It looked simple enough - being wisked into the air but when you're on the ride, you realize that you are going really, really high up. I was scared. Sarah was brave enough to take a picture. Not me. Nope. I was clinging to the safety bar for dear life.
Parachute Ride 2

After this exciting ride, I was ready to try something more daring so went over to the Runaway Train - the first rollercoaster I ever went on as a teenager all those years ago. I'm told that this is one of the gentler rollercoasters but I felt like my life was in peril. It was fun, I guess. I'm not sure. When I was done I felt both scared and happy and I had butterflies in my stomach.

We finished the day off with a ride on the ferris wheel.
Ferris Wheel
Self Ferris
Sarah FerrisFerris Wheel

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