April 23, 2006

Dirty Rotten Commute

Dirty Rotten Marquis Today was a long day, not that I'm complaining because I'm not. Because I have an amazing part-time job that is giving me a lot of joy, so I wouldn't dare complain. But Wednesdays and Saturdays are very long days because of the matinees.

Matinees end around 5 which gives me two hours before I have to be at the theater for the evening shows. I get to the theater an hour before the curtain goes up in order to get ready for the shift. So, I have to be there at 7. I would go home except that by the time I got home, I would have about half an hour to relax before I had to turn around and head back into the city.

With that said, today was a hard day to kill two hours walking around mid-town because of the unusually cold and rainy weather. I had a plan and that plan was to walk over to the lending library at 39th St and 5th and get a new library card, which I did - in the cold and the rain. I had dinner at a quiet Chinese restaurant and worked my evening show.

But then the night got really long. First, my last headset was returned 10 minutes after the show ended. Then I had to fight my way through the rain and crowds of theater goers exiting their respective shows. When I finally made it to the station I was psyched to get on the train and head home to our nice warm apartment. I waited from 11 to 11:30 as 3 R trains stopped and picked up the lucky passengers headed toward Rego Park and Forest Hills.

I didn't get home until midnight. After 30 minutes of waiting I finally went up to the clerk at the ticket counter and asked him if N trains were indeed running. He said they were running but were behind schedule. (NO KIDDING.) My question naturally prompted the N train to come and rescue me from the cold, damp station.

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