April 27, 2006

Disney Plus Times Square Equals Misery

As if Disney's monopolization of 42nd Street and its slow takeover of Broadway weren't enough, now Disney is filming a movie in the heart of Times Square. Yesterday, Disney was filming what looked like a stunt for one of their movies.

Here is the shot they were working on when I got to the evening showing of Three Days.
Time Square Stunt

If you look closely, on top of the bus you see a man dressed in a ridiculous outfit with puffy sleeves.
Time Square Stunt

I can only imagine that Disney is filming yet another one of their "brilliant" fish-out-of-water sagas where a colorful and arrogant (or heroic - doesn't matter) prince from the general past (usually in a history made up by the geniuses at Disney) somehow ends up in modern times. By watching what they were doing, I'm guessing that the prince most likely will have fallen out of the sky only to find himself in a world full of mechanized monsters that transport people from one place to another.

In the meantime, trying to get to the subway station under that sign in the background that says Guest Suites is becoming increasingly difficult.

Every day it's something new preventing me from making a quick escape from the congested city. If it's not the premier of a show like Le Stat The Musical next door to the station, Disney is filming a crap movie.

Welcome to life in the big city.

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