August 25, 2005

What's The Magic Word?

So far, so good.

The day goes well.

We walked the walk - Astoria, 59th St. Bridge, Chelsea.

Work - easy day, going well.

Other people? Well - I just came back from buying a bottle of water. Several people got in the elevator with me. I pushed 5 and two others pushed the button for their floors. One guy muttered "three". Of course, I responded by just pushing 3. But as soon as started out of hte elevator, I said to the others, in a tone loud enough for the exiting guy to hear - "He could have at least said 3 please." Then I muttered the word punk just as the door was closing, hopefully loud enough for that punk to hear me.

Honestly. My passive aggressive behavior notwithstanding, could that punk have been ruder?

I don't think so.

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