August 15, 2005

Saratoga Springs

A Day At the Races
This weekend we went to the race trackin Saratoga Springs. Jon's been telling me about how on Sundays the track has giveaways and that people pay the $3 admission just to get whatever the giveaway is and then spin around and pay admission again to get another souvenir. Turns out the technical term for these people is SPINNERS. Turns out that yesterday was blanket day and the track was giving away these chinzy red Saratoga blankets. You wouldn't believe the MOB that showed up. I saw some of these SPINNERS walking away from the track with up to 20 blankets. Several people on line and Jon commented that they've never seen the track this crowded, that it's never like that, that usually they just have to wait a minute or two before they get it. But Sunday was blanket day.

People were losing their minds for these blankets. We waited on line for an hour before we got to the admission gate. When we were getting close I turned around and shot this. Look at those faces. There is not a happy one in the bunch. Or actually there is ONE happy one in the bunch and I think it's because she is eating ice cream.

For the most part it wasn't that unpleasant. The weather was nice and the people around us somewhat amusing. The only unfortunate part was standing behind this guy. Even from behind I could tell he was a little unfriendly.


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