August 24, 2005

E = MC Hammer

The above was the name of the winning team from last night's trivia game. It was also the name of my team. I don't mean to brag but we scored 43 out of 50 points, a minimum of 10 points ahead of the second place team. We had an excellent combination of people, although two of them spent most of the evening catching up with each other and not contributing much at all. But that's okay too. Because we all love each other and that's all that matters.
Getting home from trivia was not so much fun although I did discover that from W. 4th the D train runs express to the 34th St. station on 6th ave. where I transfer for the N or W trains. That said, the D train pulled in seconds after I arrived at W. 4th lulling me into a false sense of optimism about how the trains were running. When I did transfer at 34th street I had to wait at least 10 minutes for my N train. Not that is a terribly long time but IT FELT LIKE A LONG TIME DUE TO THE INHUMAN STENCH AND HEAT OF THAT PLATFORM. People were wilting all up and down the station. It was hot, hot, hot!!! Did I mention it was hot? Because it was and very. Once the train got there and I escaped the OVEN into the blissful cool of the air conditioned car, the train moved slowly through the tunnels meaning that by the time we reached Lexington Avenue, the train was packed. This is because when trains move slowly, people gather in large groups waiting for the slow train, so at every station you pick up large groups of angry, hot and sweaty, tired commuters.

I was sitting so that's good but I was squashed so that's bad. I did get home eventually but it took a long time and I was uncomfortable. I was home by 10:30, considering I started out from W. 4th at 9:45 - isn't really that bad.

I just hate that 34th street station.

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