August 20, 2005

Lazy Saturday Revival

It's been a while since I've had a lazy day. I started by watching Kill Bill after I woke up. Again, it wasn't a truly lazy day but if you look at the condition of our apartment you would definitely think so. Anyway. Here is the sequence of my exciting day in New York City.

woke up around 9:30
watched Kill Bill around 10:00
went to the post office around 12:30
went to the gym around 1
went to the grocery store around 2
unpacked groceries around 3
watched Devil's Advocate around 4
internet around 7 and here I still am.

Tonight will involve gathering and sorting laundry, cooking Tilapia in one of my new cool pans.

I'll cook it with butter and garlic while the rice cooks itself in my new rice cooker and prepare some asparagus on the side. There might also be a salad depending on Jon's appetite.


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