August 19, 2005

Everyone is Fried by Friday

I am so glad it's Friday. Not only is it the end of the work week, but it is also pay day. Image hosted by

By show of hands, let me see who doesn't like to get paid. That's what I thought.
Jon and I walked over the 59th Street bridge yesterday morning. It was such a beautiful morning. Jon woke up really early to keep me company on the walk which was very supportive. I bought a cool new toy to keep me company so I can take exceedingly long walks by myself. Turns out jogging on an elliptical machine 1 hour at a time isn't enough for me to lose more weight, so now I'm going to try exceedlingly long walks to see if that does this trick. And what better time of day to walk than in the morning. One day I'll be thin and hopefully that day will be the day of my wedding.

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