June 01, 2005

Happy June!!

Today is Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 20 more days until the summer solstice. Already, the mercury is rising and the air is becoming saturated with moisture. I was at the dreaded 34th St. N subway platform last night. It's starting to get warm down there. The smell of pee and humanity and impatience is becoming more and more prevalent as I find myself passing through that station more and more on a daily basis. How do I always end up there?

These mild springs are deceiving. They lull is into a false sense that our summer will be mild as well. But what really happens is that as the summer solstice occurs we instantly have 90 degree weather with 93% humidity and hardly any relief at all.
I went to Tuesday Trivia for the first time in ages last night. I played with Caren, Punka, Barry, Jill, Mike, Nick, Kory and Kory's friend whose name I can't ever remember. The five rounds consisted of one on Bruce Willis (who knew you could make a round out of him?), current events, a top 10 list on best selling movie soundtracks with The Bodyguard at the top of the list (surprise to me. Another surprise - West Side Story was nowhere to be found). After these first three rounds we were in a dismal 8th place. The visual round consisted of group shots of people from 80's television shows. The audio round were 10 songs by Burt Bacharach recorded by popular artists. Our team had enough strength in these two rounds that we were able to pull ourselves up to second place. Wahoo. Now that American Idol and the Amazing Race are finished, I'll be going to trivia regularly.

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