June 05, 2005

Hottest Day of the Year So Far

Today was the hottest day of the year so far. According to the hour by hour prediction on www.weather.com it's only going to go down to 70 degrees tonight which might mean an uncomfortable night. Just a couple of days ago it was nice and cool and rainy and now it's hot, sticky and gross. Today was not a good day to bake anything, so I did not use my new Artisan mixer. Rats. But I am cooking and defrosting my freezer which resembles Siberia on a bad day. What am I cooking? Why chicken, of course with Vidalia onions, plum tomatoes and currents.

Today has been a relatively lazy Sunday with the exception of that hour at the gym. I used the sauna and the shower and I indeed dared to go naked in the locker room although I don't yet feel comfortable slathering lotion all over. I was only bare for a second. It wasn't so bad. The gym provides a shampoo and condition that smells fruity so now my hair smells like fruit.

60 minutes is playing a news story about bears in people's backyards. Yawn.

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