June 03, 2005

Friday At Last!!

This has been a busy four day week. Yesterday I had to run an errand from my office to LI City. Not a big deal, right? I got from my office to my final destination in about 20 minutes. Very easy. On the way back it took twice as long. Gosh darn NYC MTA!!!!!

MTA closed the 5 stations leading to Queens Plaza on the 7 line. I needed to take the 5th one. Because the station was closed I had to go further into Queens, get into a train running express to Queens Plaza and transfer to the N. So I had to wait for the N. I did. It took a while. Then, when I got to 34th Street . . . you guessed it!!! I had to transfer for a local so I could get my stop at 23rd Street. I had to wait there too.

It sucked!!!

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