June 19, 2005

Spring Cleaning

We spend Saturday night and Sunday morning spring cleaning. The excuse to clean was having my parent's over the house for Father's Day. For dinner, I roasted a chicken stuffed with goodies. I made a ratatouille with the season's freshest vegetables and yellow rice. Mom brought home made fruit salad laced with Mirabelle. Yummy.

The 'rents left about 9:30 and we just finished watching the White Sox/Dodgers game which was enjoyable. This season I've been developing a taste for baseball. It could be because my fiance is very enthusiastic about the sport and it's fun to share that with him.

Another fun thing we did this weekend - we have roadrunner. We have a cable modem. We have joined the 21st century. It's really great. Not only do we get to be on the phone and online at the same time but our connection is SOOO MUCH faster. But now that we have this amazing new connection, I feel this tremendous responsibility to do something interesting on the internet, something interesting on this blog.

Lesson learned this weekend - cable modem good.

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