June 08, 2005

My Trainer and Me

Tonight when I got to the gym, my former trainer pulled me into his office and started talking to me about his personal life. It is nice to know that I've made a new friend. He told me at the end of the rap session that he thinks of me as an "older" sister. I told him lots of guys think of me as a sister and it's true. They do. There's just something very sisterly about me.

Going to the gym has now become a habit. There's no wanting to go or not wanting to go there's just going because that's what I do now in my free time. With that mind, I didn't feel much like going to the gym tonight. I wasn't expecting much from my workout. That's when you know you are going to have a great workout and guess what? I had a great workout. I did whatever you do on the elliptical machine for three miles and my heart rate was nice and high meaning I was both working my heart and burning fat. Wahoo!! When I looked at the monitors of the people to either side of me I thought it an incredible coincidence that their heart rates matched mine. Turns out the monitor I was wearing across my chest was reading out on the machines to either side of me. The guy to the left of me kept adjusting his workout because he couldn't understand why his heartrate was so high. I didn't say anything. He could afford to calm down. He was way too thin anyway.

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