June 27, 2005

Footloose and Palmetto Free

Another relaxing weekend spent with the one I love. Could anything be better than that?

We saw Cinderella Man yesterday at AMC Theaters on 42nd Street. The movie was enjoyable even though Ron Howard messed up a few of the details - like he did with a Beautiful Mind.

His portrayal of Max Baer (I don't blame Craig Bierko, who portrayed him because he was following directions) was off - exaggerated for the purposed of creating a villain to Russell Crowes incredibly nice and ernest James J. Braddock. Russell Crowe delivered a thoroughly convincing performance - who knew boxers could be so nice? Regarding Renee Zelwigger's performance, I seriously doubt that Mae Braddock spoke like May West, but perhaps that is the choice the actress made in order to portray the era in which they lived.

The movie will probably be nominated for an OSCAR or two because in the end, the movie was very good in terms of telling a story and making people cry with the truth of Jim Braddock's life.

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