June 15, 2005

Getting Over the Hump

Wednesday is like 3:00 in the afternoon. Once you get to through that hour rest of the day goes by fairly quickly. Once Wednesday is over, the rest of the work week flies by.

I certainly did miss going trivia to last night but I'm glad I was able to work out. I'm trying to lost two pounds this week and I think I'm well on my way. We'll see.

They gym was very, very crowded. Mon, Tues and Wed are the crowded nights. Thursday through Sunday has less of a crowd. I tried to listen to Dark Side of the Moon on the treadmill's CD player but it wouldn't play. I guess the CD is just too old. I listened to the piped in club music and watched the accompanying videos on the monitor instead. I've been catching up with the popular music scene. Justin Timberlake seems to dominate the gym's station - Justin, Britney and Kylie. Does anyone else find Justin Timberlake disturbing? I think he's having some sort of identity crisis because he sings and dances like Michael Jackson which is silly because he is talented enough not to have to do a weak impersonation of MJ. Of course he could be doing it as a tribute but he should probably save that for the Kennedy Center.

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