June 23, 2005

Boy Scout in Utah

A little boy got lost in the woods and he was missing for four days in the Utah wilderness. Over his four day ordeal, he remained hidden from rescue workers and volunteers because his parents told him not to talk to strangers. So for four days, he wandered around trying to find his way living on no other sustenance than stream water.

Note to self. Don't let my child join any Utah chapter of the Boy Scouts. Aren't children supposed to learn survival skills in the Boy Scouts? Why was he only drinking water? This poor kid clearly hasn't been taught anything and clearly his parents aren't paying close enough attention. The parents said their child has limitations so why is he doing something as difficult as fending for himself on a nature trip with his Boy Scout troop? "The parents said they do not plan to push Brennan for answers about his time in the woods and referred reporters to Christensen. The couple said their son was born prematurely and described him as immature and a little slow, although not mentally disabled."

And another reason why my kid will not join any Utahn chapter of the boy scouts is why he got lost in the first place. The little boy who was out in the woods with him, failed to look out for his buddy which is another basic tenant of boy scouting apparently. Clearly, that message hasn't been drummed into his friend's head enough. Shouldn't there be some kind of urgency when teaching children these rules? "When Brennan Hawkins was slow to wiggle out of his body harness at a climbing wall, his 11-year-old buddy yelled "catch up with me" and ran for a steak dinner with Boy Scouts. That's the last anyone saw of Brennan before he took a wrong turn at a Scout camp and spent four days wandering the Utah wilderness before a rescuer found him in good condition Tuesday."

My point is that Brennan could have easily died and it would've been everybody' fault but his own. Thank goodness he was found because people should pay be paying close attention to slow children as much as they want to believe their child is like everyone else. I only wish that the couple whose daughter is missing in Aruba has the same luck as the Hawkins family.

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