March 31, 2004

Wednesday Warriors

Today is Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday
It will be a so so day, so so day
All day long.

Welcome weary Wednesday Warriors!!

It's the middle of the standard work week. Are you ready for some more fun at the office? I know I am.
Glacial Grafiti

A few days ago, AOL posted a story about an artist who painted a glacier red with lots and lots of red meat dye.

I've been trying in vain to find a photo of this that I can post or link to.

Here is why. I wanted you to see it so I can talk about the unusual choice of the artist. I do think it is strange that someone would take a piece of nature and try to improve upon it.

But that's not what I found weird about the story.

1) someone painted a glacier
2) he/she painted it with meat dye

Were you aware that there is such a thing as meat dye? Is the meat I'm buying in the supermarket dyed red to look fresher?

If I can find this image you will be the first to know.
American Idol

My guilty pleasure. My reason to blow off a social activity I've been attending weekly for some time now.

I watched it last night. The guest judges were Ashford and Simpson. The theme was Motown. The teenager didn't fare too well. He sang MY GIRL entirely off key. I fear he will be voted off tonight. But the show was pretty great all around.

They have some good singers on the show this year.

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