March 12, 2004

It's Been a Few Days Since . . . .

Some of my friends have noticed that I haven't been blogging too much lately. I guess I've been kind of busy with other things and I'm a little bit overwhelmed with what's happening in this country. I've started providing some links to articles written by more eloquent writers that touch on what others and I see as happening in this country.

Since, the bearing of Janet Jackson's breast, I've noticed that I am living in an extremely conservative country, well hypocritically conservative anyway. I still can't wrap my words around what I see is going on but here are is a small list of items I feel are related and bothersome.

- the backlash AGAINST gay marriage.
Honestly, folks, why this is an issue? It's not like people are going to stop fucking and having kids. Leave these people alone!!!

- Janet Jackson's boob was accidentally exposed during the superbowl and caused serious backlash.
This was probalby due to the unexpected sex during expected and brutal violence. Is it really okay for people's children to watch a game as violent and bloody and full of war metaphors as football but really not okay for them to see a little nipple? Does anyone else find that hypocritical or contradictory?)

- high unemployment rates and a jobless economic recovery.
Does this need an explanation?

- FCC's attack against radio stations.
I smell censorship in the air.

- the ecstatic reaction of some who have seen THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and believe it is GOSPEL
Some of the same people who are violently opposed to violence in movies and on television because it is bad for kids seem to be some of the same people who are making their kids watch an extremely violent movie about the death of their Saviour.

- the MARS expedition

- the lies about the war in IRAQ (still working on that one)

- our once again increasing national deficit
MARS plus IRAQ equals deficit

What do you think America? What's going on?

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