March 02, 2004

There is no Race on the Internet

Due to some recent postings about skin color and humanity I thought I would share with you my favorite part about the interent and blogging. Appearance is not an issue. Fashions, looks, weight, shoes, skin color. . . not an issue. Religion, popular culture and politics are always an issue as that's generally what people write about but looks are not an issue unless someone writes about them. I never think about what somebody looks like when I'm reading what they write. I might think about what the people they write about look like but the author's. That's never a thought.

That's what I like best about the internet. Readers don't care if I lose or gain weight because they can't see me and unless I tell you I'm a big fat pig or I look thin and sickly they have no way of knowing.

In a way, the Internet is the great equalizer education is supposed to be in a way.

More later. Gotta' go to Trivia!!!

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