March 19, 2004


It was a snowy week. Those of us in the know, were expecting one last blast of winter after our premature spring. I called in sick twice this week. Well, actually, Wednesday, I called in sick. Today, I left after a couple of hours. Just had to get something done so I went in, I did it and then I went home. I should have stuck it out though. We were probably going to get paid today. I think we were supposed to get paid yesterday but it's hard to tell. We usually get paid the Thursday, a week after the 15th and then after the end of the month. But this week, the 15th started the, I'm not even sure we were getting paid this week anyway.

I'm feeling better, I guess. I worked pretty hard yesterday, pushing myself just a little too much, so I was feeling a little blah today.


I'm at my brother's, cat sitting. Tried to meet a friend nearby to pickup something I need for Tuesday Night Trivia but alas, my friend was a no show. Too bad.


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