March 01, 2004

The Oscars

I watched the Oscars alone. I was invited to an Oscars party, but I decided it would be better to view them alone so I could flip through the stations when the Academy Awards inevitably bored me to tears. Another benefit to watching alone is being able to fall asleep when the program invevitbably runs long.

Other than some spectucular dresses, the Oscars didn't provide too many surprises. I did the like the woman who went on stage with her producer unannounced and then insisted on making a speech. I thought that was very special. Did you ever notice that the people who are awarded for shorts always have the longest f-ing speeches? (snore)

What instrument was Sting playing? I've never seen that. He was winding one end while molesting the other but it didn't look like he was really playing anything. WHAT WAS THAT INSTRUMENT?

Also, if the producers of the show know the program is going to run long, why don't they cut the introductions. I, for one could have gone without looking at almost naked Billy Crystal. I threw up a little during the film montage/parody thing. The tributes to actors who have passed, they are nice but if I were producing a time sensitive show I would produce them right out of there.

By cutting the film montage introduction, that stupid song, and the nice but time consuming tributes to dead actors, I've already saved us an hour that could be spent letting people say thank you for receiving their well earned Oscars.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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