March 03, 2004

Tuesday Night


My favorite part was the Top Ten. We had to list the 10 states with the most crop land. So much discussion. As soon as Caren announced the room was buzzing with talk and arguments and laughs. When Caren announed the answers, people talked more. Even though my team didn't exactly win that particular round, we had so much fun listing the states we thought were right and then ordering them I couldn't even be upset.

The co-host was Michael Malice. For his first round, he chose the Devil as his theme? Did you know that the antiquated name for the molusk known as the Octopus is Devil Fish? Did you know that the name of the demon that possessed Regan in the Exorcist was Bazuzu? Did you know that before their executions during the Salem Witch Trials, "witches" used to confess that the Devil's semen was ice cold? Or that the Hebrew word Satan means adversary?

Very cool. Michael's visual round was identifying pictures of wives of political candidates that have lost major elections. That was challenging and fun.
The audio round, that was tough. I had two people on my team that were exceptionally good at music. We had name song artists and titles of songs from 5 second snippets. Very challenging.

Getting home, was the toughest part of the evening. I didn't get home until 11 even though trivia ended at 9:30. Why did it take me so long? Because the W train which is now local instead of express like it had been, was not running. Because there was no announcement I waited 45 minutes before finally getting on an R train and then meeting my N train at Lexington Avenue.

Boy was I mad. At one point I even went and yelled at the toll booth clerk that the W train wasn't running. He kept arguing with me that it was. I'll never know because I got on the R train as soon as it came.

I owe the MTA one angry letter.

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