March 03, 2004

Familiar Faces

I watched Law & Order tonight and got excited because I recognized one of the actors in the show from my day to day life. The grocer who was in the first ten minutes of the show was played by an actor I've worked with at the Helen Hayes theater. He is a character actor who has been acting for years but also runs the bar with his wife at the Helen Hayes. Their son is the head usher. That was pretty exciting. Good people.

But even more exciting was the last actress that I recognized. Toward the end of the show, McCoy called a rebuttal witness, a hotel employee from New Mexico. That witness was played by the actress who plays Maria on Sesame Street. I actually thought I was watching someone I knew from day to day life. It was so amazing to see her acting.

I love Law & Order. It continues to be one of my favorite shows, definitely my favorite show on network television because you get to see people on TV that you know in NYC and that's usually where they show up. Law & Order is famous for hiring tons of working and not working so much actors from the town where it's shot. However, let me clarify thatit's my favorite n0n-reality TV show on network television. Other favorites include South Park, The Dave Chappel show, The Sopranos (back on HBO this Sunday night) Six Feet Under and basically anything on The Science Channel. Of course, The Apprentice and American Idol are up high on the list too.

Well, I guess the truth is out now. I'm a big geek.

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