March 24, 2004

How Did it Go?

How did trivia go last night? I know that's what you've been thinking about since you read that I was hosting last night.

Well. Not badly.

Something you should know about me. I used to have a fear of public speaking. I've done a little work to get over it. Supervising people and leading project meetings, acting classes and hosting trivia. Last night was one of those nights where I recognized how difficult it really is for me to speak to large groups. At other times I've enjoyed it. Last night, not so much. I had a hard time guaging whether or not people were enjoying themselves. There was never any moment of silence. I couldn't get the group engaged enough that they were hanging on my every word.

I realize that this is not a realistic expectation. I also realize that if people were talking a lot, it's most likely because they were conferring with their teams for answers.

The turnout was pretty good. 14 teams, at least 60 people although I didn't take a head count. Admittedly, some of my questions were pretty hard. I asked when the Hundred Years' War ended and where Princess Juliana was Queen. My co-host rounded out the difficulty of my questions with three rounds about TV. While his questions weren't exactly always easy, they were fun. But some people were clapping at the end so I guess we didn't do too badly. I just wish I could come away with that good feeling after a public speaking engagement. Then I will have truly overcome my fear.

I led the General Knowlege and Current Events rounds and Kory, my very able co-host led the Top Ten list, and the Audio and Visual Rounds.

Just so you know, we come up with the questions are selves. It is both challenging and fun.

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