August 23, 2006

A Weekend In Lancaster

Saturday, Jon and I drove out to Pennsylvania to meet some of our New York and New Jersey friends for some shoofly pie and a weekend in the country.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Jon and I visited Wheatland - the private residence of President James Buchanan and his two adopted children. The docent was dressed in period costume but since we weren't allowed to take pictures you'll have to take my word for it.
James Buchanan Lived Here and Died Here

We also visited Intercourse, PA which was good for shits and giggles. We visited some of the shops to check out the souvenirs.
Stagecoach Shops

Sadly we couldn't find a QUILLOW that was right for us. It's a strange sign...right? It lists QUILLOWS at $39.99, then queen size quilts for $390.00 and then out of no where, sun glasses for 99 cents.

It's against Amish religion to be photographed. Hopefully that restriction doesn't apply to their horses. The Amish give horse and buggy rides to tourists.
Reserved For Buggy Ride

Did I mention there is a lot of corn in Pennsylvania?

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