August 29, 2006

Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

Just another rainy day in good ole Astoria - sixth day to be exact.

Friday night Jon and I watched Tampopo - the Japanese Noodle Western. It's a cute movie from the 80's directed by Juzo Itami that makes sport of Japan's food culture. It's a lot of fun and highly recommended.

This morning Jon and I rode our bikes through a light drizzle to the bike shop for tuneups and walked back in the pouring rain. We stopped for breakfast which quickly made it's departure shortly after we complete the walk to our home. I had some buttered noodles for lunch and I'm hoping they stick around for a while because I need some energy tonight.

This week I've been assigned to work the last week of Sweeney Todd. The last performance is September 3rd - an unusual second Sunday show. I'm working all the shows including the last one. Since the show is closing this week I'm hoping that they'll be some celebs in the crowd. That's usually how it works.

I started my fourth Pete Dexter novel this morning - The Paperboy. Here is the opening line:
My brother Ward was once a famous man

Isn't that great? Don't you have so many questions? What happened to his brother? Is he dead? Is that why he is no longer famous?

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