August 31, 2006

Off to a Slow Start

I woke up too early and got out of bed too soon. ALthough I have succeeded in cleaning salad and roasting stuffed peppers, I haven't made much progress in the way of straightening out my closets - well any progress for that matter.

I did manage to get a manicure and pedicure over at my new favorite nail salon, Glamour Nails Design. They were surprised when I asked for clear polish. But I did so chips wouldn't show when I started working on the closets. Of course, I don't clean with my toes but I wanted them to match my fingernails. And besides, the pedicure isn't always about the polish. Sometimes it's just about getting pampered.

So. Here I go. In two minutes, in order to stay true to yesterdays declaration, I will start the closets. Or will I?

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